Advertise your Business

in 100.000+ Websites

REAS uses a personalised, digital brand strategy

REAS helps connect brands with customers

REAS ensures that your brand stands out from the crowd

Exclusive Exposure

Connecting brands with customers

REAS’ targeted advertising

REAS Ads are targeted advertisements, so that these advertisements are directed to key audiences.

Advertisements can be changed throughout the year and tailored to individual campaigns.

REAS helps connect brands with customers

All business owners, professionals working in and for these companies and their clients are potential customers and consumers for products related to the real estate industry, as well as a vast variety of products such as luxury products, fashion, jewellery, cosmetics, technology products, cars, hotel bookings, flights, consumer goods etc.

Reach more customers with REAS

Digital advertising on REAS are a key effective choice to advertise your brand and products generate more business opportunities, increase business growth and reach more customers.

Products and services advertised no REAS are advertised to millions of potential customers.

REAS helps connect brands with two different audiences

The first audience include the Business owners and Professionals themselves, which combine millions of people.

The second audience include the Clients and website users of the business owners and real-estate related professionals.

REAS ensures that your brand stands out from the crowd

REAS examines and approves only websites which uphold a high quality standard. Hence your business is advertised only on pre-approved and high quality websites.

REAS guarantees exclusive exposure

REAS guarantees that only one brand is advertised on all advertising fields on a website at any one time; and not multiple brands in various advertising fields on the same website. This gives every brand the exclusive exposure.



Who We Are

The Real Estate Ad System (REAS) is one of the largest providers of advertising fields globally, with advertising fields in over 100.000 websites combining millions of advertising fields.

With the current growth, we expect to exceed 500.000 websites by the end of 2024. 

Brand Exposure

REAS offers to help your business engage with real estate related businesses, professionals and their customers, combining millions of people.

Expose your brand to new audiences and create stronger relationships with the audiences that matter most to your business using a personalised, digital brand strategy.

Advertising Solutions

REAS offers advertising solutions which give your business the opportunity to present your brand and products to a specific target audience.